We have a Pence Problem (Again)!
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Still retching, I was steeling myself to compose a blog on the sickening Values Vote Summit news: Mike Pence takes top spot in Values Voter Summit straw poll By Felicia Sonmez The Washington Post September 18, 2010.

Pence placed first with 24 percent in the straw poll of 723 social conservatives at the Family Research Council's fifth annual Values Voter Summit. Huckabee took second place with 22 percent, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney came in third with 13 percent and former House speaker Newt Gingrich took fourth with 10 percent.

But then I was greatly relieved to find that Jake Jacobsens’s blog at Hoosier Nation had very fluently said what needed to be said:

Shamnesty Mike Pence Wins Value Voters Straw Poll! 20 September 2010

I imagine Mike Pence is just perfect to these people seeing as he has already proven, much like last years winner, that he can be bought...

Jake then reviews the discussion of Pence’s iniquitous 2006 immigration proposal by our Marcus Henry and concludes

Here's our bottom line: you can't ever come back from sponsoring and lying to push through a bill that poses an existential threat to this nation and her historical peoples…

Mike Pence allowed Helen Krieble to use him like a puppet so she could get cheap slave labor on her show stables. How can he ever be trusted again?

Good question.

Unfortunately, we are going to hear more of Pence. As James Fulford astutely remarked in Pence in the WSJ - His Plan Must Be Bad

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, as they say, that you can either be a serious immigration reformer, or you can write for the Wall Street Journal editorial page—you can’t do both.

It looks very much like, along with Huckabee, Pence is being groomed in the Neocon stable to fool the peasantry in the 2012 Presidential nomination stakes.

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