Jordan B. Peterson is More Good Than Bad
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Canadian intellectual Jordan B. Peterson is in an interesting position. Much of the Left and the Mainstream Media is convinced he is an Alt-Right figurehead and hate him. Yet criticism of Dr. Peterson can be found on most every Dissident Right website. Take a look at these sharply contrasting headlines:

(Note that has now been purged from the internet at the demand of a black lady “Civil Rights lawyer”).

Trendy Leftist websites have dogpiled Peterson in the last few months:

In tandem with that, many thoughtful dissidents have begun taking aim at him as well:

Dissident Twitter takes potshots at Dr. Peterson with regularity as well. Here’s a fine example from RamZPaul:

It is shocking that so many on the Left seem incapable of perceiving the vast gulf between Dr. Peterson and genuine white nationalists like Greg Johnson of Counter Currents or agent provocateurs like Milo Yiannopoulos. However, those of us with a more identitarian view of the world than Dr. Peterson should not obsess over said gulf.

Dr. Peterson is more good than bad. He is easily the most famous living human to speak frankly and regularly about IQ.

Furthermore, his criticisms of the contemporary spiritual malaise in the West, and its symptoms (depression, atomization, etc.), are a natural bedrock for criticizing multiculturalism, multiracialism, and mass immigration. Dr. Peterson himself never takes his arguments to those obvious conclusions, but many of his listeners/readers will.

There is no need, or benefit, from attacking him for not being a through-and-through identitarian—especially given that he has never claimed to be one, only the screeching Leftist press does. Social Matter put it best: “if someone brings up Jordan Peterson to you, take it as an opportunity to drop some small red pills because if anyone is a gateway drug to reaction in the Current Year, it is JBP.” [This Week In Reaction, by Nick B. Steves and TWiR Staff, February 15, 2018]


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