“TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP!” —Donald Trump As Anti-PC Rallying Cry
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Conservatism Inc. has a very consistent program. If you work in the Beltway Right, you scour the Internet and find examples of left wing extremism and outright hatred directed against Whites, Christians, and the historic American more broadly. You draw attention to it and fundraise off it. But you don't actually do anything to oppose it because that would be "fascism." Instead, you just mutter vaguely about "the Constitution" and move on to more pressing concerns, like making sure companies who outsource American jobs get tax breaks.

Trump has upset the conservative program, which is why the Beltway Right has declared all out war on its own constituents. But Trump is now the symbol of a movement. And a symbol is more powerful than any individual. To quote Ra's al Ghul in Batman Begins, "If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, you become something else entirely."

Which brings us to Rutgers. Milo Yiannopoulos, editor of Breitbart Tech, is a well known free speech activist and the bane of the Social Justice Warriors. His irreverent approach in many ways presaged the appeal of Donald Trump, as Milo is unafraid of salty language (to put it mildly) and engages political correctness head on, rather than trying to dance around it. Milo is a homosexual and champion of "cultural libertarianism," but directs his formidable verbal weapons against the feminists, the LGBT activists, and the self-appointed cultural commissars who want to tell American what they are allowed to think and say. For that reason, he's a hero to many younger right wingers, even those who style themselves as traditionalists.

Recently, he spoke at Rutgers University. And as always happens when conservatives or right wingers speak on campus, leftists tried to disrupt the event. In this case, hysterical feminists and affirmative action students smeared fake blood on their faces and started screaming "Black Lives Matter."

The BLM protesters made a huge mess, splashing red paint all around the auditorium, which the janitors will have to clean up. Just one more way modern progressives are screwing over the workers I suppose.

Then something extraordinary happened.

"[T]heir chants were drowned out by Milo’s supporters, who fought back with their own chant: “TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP” [Fake Blood and War Chants: Milo Yiannopoulos Event at Rugers Disrupted by Feminists, Black Lives Matter Activistsby Allum Bokhari, Breitbart, February 10, 2016]
Trump is more than just a political figure. He's a rallying cry for Americans sick of Cultural Marxism. And his strongest appeal is to the young right wing, especially the kinds of people who follow people like Milo Yiannopoulos. No wonder conservatives want to purge Trump and his supporters and get back to goofing off about the capital gains tax.



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