Jerry Falwell, R. I. P
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I just heard about Jerry Falwell's death, and while probably includes people who disagreed with him on many issues, we sort of had enemies in common.

John McCain, for example, and Council on American Islamic Relations.

Even people who disagreed with him would admit that he had the courage of his convictions, which includes the courage to be "intolerant." You see, ministers of the Gospel aren't supposed to tolerate everything, and yes, it takes a lot of courage to be "intolerant," when the entire Mainstream Media is howling for you to be tolerant of, among other things, sin. (For example, Falwell did come out in favor of enforcing the immigration laws in 2006, although I don't recall him saying anything about limiting legal immigration. ) A number of his death notices use the word "intolerant," although some of them are just quoting John McCain, but few of them mean it as a compliment, as I do.

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