James Traub On Brexit: Elites Should Unite With The "Poor, Non-White, And Marginal" Against Nationalists
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I’ve been talking for a number of years about how the Obama coalition is a Coalition of the Fringes united only by animus toward the Core. In his Foreign Policy article, It’s time for the elites to rise up against the ignorant masses,” James Traub, son of the CEO of Bloomingdale’s, calls for that center vs. margin alignment, although he appears to be oblivious that it already exists:
Perhaps politics will realign itself around the axis of globalization, with the fist-shakers on one side and the pragmatists on the other. The nationalists would win the loyalty of working-class and middle-class whites who see themselves as the defenders of sovereignty. The reformed center would include the beneficiaries of globalization and the poor and non-white and marginal citizens who recognize that the celebration of national identity excludes them.
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