Is #BlackLivesMatter Just a Jobs for the Gays Racket?
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From Bossip:

Congrats!!! #BlackLivesMatter Activist Deray Scores $165K A Year Job With Baltimore City Schools

Educator, #BlackLivesMatter activist and social media sensation Deray has recently landed a job with the Baltimore City School System that could help him buy more blue vests. According to Baltimore Brew reports:

DeRay Mckesson will be settling back in Baltimore as the interim chief of human capital at Baltimore City Schools.

The Black Lives Matter activist and failed candidate for mayor of Baltimore [he got 2% of the vote] will be earning $165,000 a year as one of the first cabinet picks of Sonja Santelises.

… The 30-year-old became an overnight media sensation during the protests following the police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. As the face of Black Lives Matter, he popped up on CNN, talk shows and other media during the April 2015 Freddie Gray protests in Baltimore.

From The New Yorker:
When I asked Garza about the most common misperception of Black Lives Matter, she pointed to a frequent social-media dig that it is “a gay movement masquerading as a black one.” But the organization’s fundamental point has been to challenge the assumption that those two things are mutually exclusive.
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