It Doesn't Matter How Hard You Cuck—Fired ATLANTIC Writer Kevin Williamson Was Ta-Nehisi Coates's FAVORITE "Conservative" Writer
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Everyone is talking about Kevin Williamson's recent purging by The Atlantic for badthinking (Atlantic Fires Kevin Williamson After Suddenly Realizing He Believes The Things He Says). The Z-Man has a (qualified) "Defense Of Kevin Williamson" here, making the point that
One of the great mistakes of the Buckleyites has been to think they can cut a deal with the Left, by purging people to their right. The various groups in polite conservative circles have been silent as people on our side have been systematically attacked by the orthodoxy and shut out of public debate. Now they find themselves facing the same challenge. Kevin Williamson has just learned that no matter how often he punched right, no matter how much he disavowed our side, Progressives would never accept him.
And of course the point is that anyone who can get hired by The Atlantic wasn't really a conservative in the first place. I see from the Federalist that Williamson was actually Ta-Nehisi Coates's favorite "conservative writer". At least, that's what Coates said in an interview with National Review's Jamie Weinstein:

So here's' some of our Kevin Williamson file:

That is cucking pretty hard, but it's not enough for Jeffrey Goldberg at The Atlantic.
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