A Reader Asks If His Parents' Farming Community Is One Of The Ones Kevin Williamson Thinks Deserves To Die
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Re: John Derbyshire's article Do #WhiteTrashLivesMatter To Donorist-Capitalist-Neocon Party Bad Boy Kevin Williamson?

From: A Representative Rural White American [Email him]

Perhaps the small farming community where my parents were raised is one of those that Kevin Williamson thinks deserve to die.  Well, it probably has suffered a brain drain, as most of the kids that went to college didn't come back.  One of my cousins who still lives there works in a turkey processing plant.  But he has been there for nearly ten years, and he commutes a long way for that dirty job.  I just hope that competition with illegal aliens and recently legalized immigrants will not depress his wages and his chance of good health benefits.  He deserves a decent life.


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