A Virginia Reader Catches Kevin Williamson Of NATIONAL REVIEW Hating Swedes For Being White
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From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

Of all the writers at NRO, Kevin Williamson, their “roving correspondent”, is probably the strangest one, and his tendency towards ranting often makes his writings unpalatable. (James Fulford wrote about him in 2011: Kevin Williamson and NRO vs. Federale (And The American People.) However, when I spied his recent article The Whitest Privilege [July 8, 2015] with a picture of a young Swedish woman I was compelled to read it.

The article sets its tone with this loaded paragraph:

“Progressives have a longstanding love affair with the nations of northern Europe, which are, or in some cases were until the day before yesterday, ethnically homogeneous, overwhelmingly white, hostile to immigration, nationalistic, and frankly racist in much of their domestic policy.”
Yes, life must have been horrible in Scandinavia before the days of third world immigration!

He then becomes unhinged with this flailing statement…

“In this the so-called progressives are joined, as they traditionally have been, by brutish white supremacists and knuckle-dragging anti-Semites, who believe that they discern within the Nordic peoples the last remnant of white European purity and who frequently adopt Nordic icons and myths, incorporating them into an oddball cult of whiteness.”
Say what?

Kevin then descends into full anti-Nordic mode, and implicitly an anti-white one as well…

“The nastier of Europe’s anti-immigrant and ethno-nationalist movements argue that ethnic solidarity is necessary to preserve the welfare state. Among ordinary Swedes, the topic of immigrants’ — non-Nordic people’s — relatively high rates of unemployment and welfare dependency is politically charged. The same is true in the other Nordic countries…’

…“We’d like to make America more like Norway or Finland” is, among other things, a way of saying, “We’d like to make America more like a virtually all-white society.”

Essentially, Williamson has animus towards homogenous, white “privilege” nations with nurturing socioeconomic systems.  In contrast, the United States not having such white homogeneity has to give up its social safety nets because of the “demographic inevitability” of continued immigration.  This, he idiotically believes, will end the tensions between the European and non-European groups in this country, disregarding that such conflicts existed throughout human history before anyone even conceived of the welfare state. [Homogeneity Is Their Strength, NRO, August 10, 2014]

However, Wilkinson does not propose the option of returning the United States and other nations in demographic transition to strong European majorities that would mitigate these internal problems.  Instead he crudely plays the anti-white race card in an attempt to discredit ethnic and economic nationalists (e.g. Pat Buchanan, Marine Le Pen, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders) on the left and right.

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James Fulford writes: Williamson seems to have the recent history of Scandinavia exactly backwards. In 2003, Steve Sailer wrote Scandinavia Fails To Collapse – Yet, which made the point that Sweden, et cetera, could have socialism because of their homogeneity, while American welfare payments are by their nature interracial wealth transfers. Since then, however, Scandinavia has experienced mass immigration accompanied by strong white ethnomasochism. This has led to horrors of the kind Donald Trump was criticized for alluding to: Sweden is now the rape capital of the West, but it may be illegal to say so in Sweden, because of their hate speech laws.

Scandinavia is not in the grip of nasty white ethno-nationalist movements, but of anti-nationalist white governments, and really nasty ethno-nationalist Muslim immigrants.




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