Israel Bribes Rwanda $5,000/Head To Take Deported Africans. U.S. Media Repressed News
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H/T Pic Daily Monitor

Because the invaluable website The New Observer has someone who can read Hebrew, they were once again first with the news: Israel Pays Rwanda $5K Per African Expellee November 22 2017

Rwanda will be paid $5,000 by the Israeli government for each African infiltrator expelled from the Jewish ethnostate as part of the Jewish plan to keep Israel racially pure and ethnically Jewish, it has emerged as details of the mass expulsion plan become available through the Hebrew-language media.

According to a report on Israel’s Channel 10 news service, the Israeli government will give each African who “voluntarily leaves” a bonus of $3,500—with the alternative of being thrown in prison before being forcibly deported.

This is a follow up to the New Observer’s story of last week from the same source, which I discussed in Sunday News: Administration To Deport Or Jail All Illegals Within 3 Months

Both are a testament to the determination of the Israeli Government


The New Observer notes that the

…media in western nations—Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand—have imposed a total news blackout on the Israeli final solution to the fake refugee invasion problem
If Google News searches can be trusted anymore – about which there are serious doubts – The New Observer is essentially correct. The only exception I was able to find was Newsweek’s account Jewish Groups Denounce Israel’s Plans to Deport 40,000 African Asylum Seekers by Carlos Ballesteros 11/24/17. Despite the egregious headline spin, this story does eventually give a fairly thorough account of Israeli actions.

I suppose this ability to repress highly relevant news is in fact the answer to my question Why not here?

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