NYT Channels The Onion: "Metal Drummer Likes Edgy Ideas"
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The SJWs are up in arms about a New York Times article, another one of those profiles of alt right obscurities.
In America’s Heartland, a Voice of Hate Among ‘Normies’


Why the outrage against the NYT? Because the poor NYT reporter got so badly out-pointed in debate with his subject that he had to write a second article of defeat and contrition:
I Interviewed a White Nationalist and Fascist. What Was I Left With?


Anyway, the subject, Tony Hovater, is a heavy metal drummer and, I find, has put his own views on the Internet. So, what is his real motivation?

It turns out, he despises the ongoing SJWization of heavy metal.

Is Pantera a Latin Term for “Big Pussy?”

Tony Hovater

February 16, 2016

Before my current career choice of social media villain and voice of reason in a reactionary political movement, I was in a fairly popular metal band touring the country. During my time on the road I got a taste of what the next generation of musicians were like. It didn’t leave me with much hope.

Like most heavier bands–I use the term heavy loosely in this situation–we weren’t politically correct in our marketing and didn’t really worry about it. Whats the point of creating art of any kind if all you intend to do is conform to the larger societal narrative? We released a shirt with the word “bitch” prominently featured on it and altpress.com decided that this was somehow news worthy. The comments section was a virtue signaling fest for the ages.

My favorite comment was, “Poor taste is fine. Swears are fine. But when you’re putting sexist/misogynistic/racist/slut shaming shit on a shirt, that’s crossing the line. Repulsive!” Whats worse was that these weren’t the rantings of an impressionable teenage girl. This was a 20 something “nu” man. Picture pajama boy, with a lesbian haircut and an ironic mustache. The slimy, flabby, ironically tattooed tentacle of social justice has reached critical mass.

SJWs are finally starting to break into the mainstream of metal. They’ve had a stranglehold on nearly every other form of media for the better part of three decades now. But metal? I thought it was impervious. Angry, bearded men writing songs about dragons and battles should be a bulwark against these type of freaks, right?

I was wrong. It turns out they were drawn to it. Listening to metal became a weird ‘geek chic’ thing for younger kids. The only problem is that modern geek culture has very little to do with anything geeky and everything to do with some of our favorite topics: anti-racism, inclusion, and diversity.

As predicted they made minor changes to the culture at first. Then before you even knew what was happening you had articles on major music websites about the genre being “musical racism” and “inherently sexist”. These people are the Maoist Red Guard come again, only this time… really, really lame

So it’s rather like a cross between GamerGate and Taylor Swift’s Silence.

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