Isn't Tom Friedman Just Malcolm Gladwell With A Mustache?
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Thomas Friedman 335 230 105
David Brooks 282 141 141
Charles Krauthammer 281 1 280
George Will 246 23 223
Paul Krugman 182 181 1
David Broder 165 106 59
E.J. Dionne 147 143 4
Karl Rove 126 1 125
Peggy Noonan 101 5 96
William Kristol 91 5 86
From National Journal, a sister mag of The Atlantic, comes the the Top Ten pundits among DC Insiders: "In conjunction with The Atlantic Wire, National Journal asked its panel of Congressional and Political Insiders to rank, one-through-five, those columnists, bloggers, and television or radio commentators who most help to shape their own opinion or worldview." (Total points are the leftmost column of numbers, then points from Democrats, then points from Republicans.)

Maybe I'm missing something, but I thought that, by now, Tom Friedman was widely recognized to be a doofus. Not inside the Washington Echo Chamber, apparently. Here are raves from the Ruling Class about Mister Mustache:

Thomas Friedman

Democratic Insider: "Has attained that watercooler status of 'Did you read what Friedman had to say today?' Analysis of issues and policy implications often reveals ones that readers might not see themselves."

Republican Insider: "An interesting blend of a liberal and a realist and a man ahead of his time on energy and green issues."

D: "I've never read or listened to anyone who is better prepared, smarter, and more insightful. The premier thinker and writer in the group—yet presents so abrasively."

R: "He'd be a lot more influential if he'd actually return a phone call."

How many of the Top Ten were stridently wrong about Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction?
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