Vibrant Diversity
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You can't get much more diversely vibrant than this story from the Washington Post:
Two more suspects were arrested Friday in the beating death of a District pizzeria owner whose slaying was linked to an immigration scam, police said.

The victim, Shahabuddin Rana, 44, who was found dead Aug. 18 inside his Pizza Mart in Northeast Washington, had agreed to pay a woman $500 a week to marry his brother, a Pakistani national, then reneged on the deal after the wedding, police said.

Police identified the suspects as Leon Robinson, 25, of Northeast Washington, and Isaiah Genus, 26, of Southeast Washington. Both were charged with first-degree murder. The alleged wife-for-hire, Shanika Robinson, 26, of Capitol Heights, was charged with first-degree murder last month.

The three are accused of killing Rana inside his pizzeria, in the 2300 block of Fourth Street NE, after he refused to continue paying Robinson to stay in the sham marriage, which police said was intended to help Rana's brother get a green card.

In a court affidavit, police said Rana became upset when he learned that Robinson "was having sexual affairs" with other men. The affidavit says that Rana informed Robinson that she would not be getting paid anymore.

Police allege that after beating Rana, the three set his body on fire and stole cigarettes, cigars and about $2,000 in cash from the pizzeria ...

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