Interested In A Bit Of Guerrilla Politicking From Home?
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America's anti-immigration enthusiasm (more precisely, anti-illegal-immigration enthusiasm) is apparently sustaining itself fairly well. Jim Robb of NumbersUSA is calling it "The Arizona Fever," but this is clearly a desirable fever!

And it's no surprise. Even back in the summer of 2006, then-House-Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) publicly acknowledged the disaster, saying

Every state is a border state, and every town is a border town. I’ve just returned from a very informative trip to the southern border, but everywhere I travel around this country, illegal immigration is a top concern.
Obviously, some other individual public figures are well aware of citizens' desperation to squelch illegal immigration, but the party apparatchiks, such as Republican National Committee Chief Dingbat Michael Steele, seem largely oblivious.

So for the last many months, whenever I've received a fund-raising letter from any of the national party organizations—and if the request includes a postage-paid return envelope—I've tucked a copy of the adjacent George W. Bush or Hillary Clinton peso note, as appropriate, into that envelope and dropped it back in the mail. (To bulk up the envelope, I always enclose the phoney-baloney poll that's inevitably the pretext for the fund-raiser. I actually don't fill out such polls, even if they mention immigration as a topic of concern, since I figure my faux peso note is eloquent enough.)

In recent weeks, I've dispatched such peso-laden, postage-paid envelopes to the National Republican Senatorial Committee—several times!—and the Republican Governors Association. I also do this to the National Republican Congressional Committee, which supports races for the House, but with a slightly troubled conscience, since it was Republican House members who, in the critical summer and fall of 2006, stood "like a stone wall" (to quote Larry Auster's apt summary) and refused to even consider the mass-amnesty-and-immigration-acceleration bill S.2611 the Senate had passed that May, thus saving the Republic. However, among the House Republicans are such influential quislings as Indiana's Mike Pence, so it's appropriate to send their campaign committee pesos, too.

(Only rarely do I receive donation requests from national Democratic Party organizations.)

But this is just one person sending faux pesos as a guerrilla message. Who knows if my pesos (on which I also write "PLUS, END LEGAL IMMIGRATION," using red ink) ever get passed up the line from the envelope-openers to the big toadies? Presumably it would be much better if lots of us were doing it. THIS MEANS YOU, VDARE READERS!

Please download both the Bush-peso and Clinton-peso JPEG files (archived here and here) to your own computer, so you'll be ready to roll. Then when you get a begging letter from one of the national committees, print what you need. (In my experience, those JPEG files automatically print two images per 8.5" X 11" page.) If you use the backs of already-printed pages from your recycle bin, your only cost will be toner or ink for your printer.

These peso notes have been around for years. Unfortunately, I don't know whom to credit for their inspired creation. If that person reads VDARE, perhaps he or she can give us an updated version of the Democratic one, with Wonderboy's mug in place of Hillary Clinton's.

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