Commissar Chutkan: Another Half Indian Like Kamala Harris. But More Aristocratic.
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The ugly truth about Commissar Chutkan is that she is another Kamala Harris. Inversely to Harris, her father was of Indian descent and her mother apparently a Jamaican black. How black remains to be determined.

Chutkan is a rare Indian surname. Apparently 28% of them live in Jamaica.

Both women married apparently Jewish men—in Chutkan’s case Peter A. Krauthamer, who retired on June 30 this year. As I speculated in Jamaican Immigrant Kritarch Tanya Chutkan Is Trump’s J6 Judge. But What About Her Lack Of Judicial Temperament, Huge Conflict Of Interest?

Perhaps this was to take up his far more important retirement job of raising the IQ level and moderating the intemperance of his wife’s behavior in court.

The MSM prefers to imply that Chutkan comes from a hardscrabble Jamaican black background. But in fact she came from the island aristocracy. Chutkan herself has been secretive about this, but her apparently more talented and certainly better-looking sister Dr. Robynne Chutkan, a celebrity gastroenterologist, is more candid:

The doctor spent most of her childhood split between Kingston and her grandfather’s farm just outside of Spanish Town, St. Catherine…

“I grew up in a country where a lot of the people in charge looked like me.”

I.e., not jet black. See Dr. Robynne Chutkan is defying convention in the world of gut health, Caribbean National Weekly, November 25, 2022.

More precise details are provided by Judge Tanya Chutkan Parents: Winston And Noelle Chutkan, Newstars Education, 4 August 2023.

Dr. Chutkan educated his girls at an exclusive Jamaican private school (pictured above.) The family belonged to a notable club, the Liguanea.

In other words, the Chutkans are a classic case of upper-class foreigners, fortunately for them colored, benefiting from American Affirmative Action, which was not intended for them.

I grant that Dr. Robynne Chutkan is able (her sister not so much). But can we be sure that she is more able than the Historic American Whites displaced so she could go to Yale and Columbia Medical School in the 1980s?

Indian, slightly black and Jewish. Commissar Chutkan derives from the key recruiting grounds for the Storm Troopers of the Great Replacement.

For whom no greater enemy exists than Donald Trump.

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