India Doesn't Shy From Illegals` Real Criminal Status
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Indian newspaper the Central Chronicle reported today that of the 326 immigrants deported from Houston this week, all were "criminals."

The ICE project "Return To Sender" has arrested aliens citizens of Pakistan, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia.

Some of the apprehended aliens had allegedly committed crimes such as homicide, aggravated sexual assault of minors, and robbery, assault, human smuggling, narcotics trafficking.

30 were fugitive criminals with final orders of deportation, 89 were non-criminal fugitives with final orders of deportation and 17 are illegal aliens with criminal convictions. The rest were immigration violators.

Funny thing: of the 5 media sources I could find reporting on Houston's deportations, only the Central Chronicle listed the aliens' actual crimes. But then, I guess that kind of reporting would make the illegals look bad.

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