Tennessee Woman Murdered in Her Home
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Mary Sadler was a woman in her seventies living peacefully in Bellevue, Tennessee. That was until she was beaten and strangled to death on Monday by an illegal alien who resided next door. The attack was so violent that even her little pet cockatiel was killed [ Neighbor charged in death of Bellevue woman in home, The Tennessean 8/23/06].

Mary Sadler murder victim of illegal alien

A glass panel from a grandfather clock was shattered. A mirror in the front foyer was cracked, and glass spilled out onto the floor.

Nearby, police found Sadler, 74, dead, her beaten and bloody body by a rear sliding-glass door inside the home.

"It was one hell of a fight," her grandson-in-law, Paul Woods, said Tuesday as he helped clean debris from the living room. "I think she did a good job for being 74 years old and trying to defend herself."

According to Metro police, the man who on Monday killed Sadler, and perhaps Sadler's bird, was Ivan Moreno, 30, a next-door neighbor.

Moreno, who is thought to be an illegal immigrant from Mexico, admitted to police that he struck Sadler after he went to her house to get money, said Metro police spokesman Don Aaron.

Mary Sadler was a long-time volunteer for many civic institutions, including 26 years helping veterans through the Tennessee Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as being a poll worker at elections and volunteering through St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. She was also the captain of the local Neighborhood Watch.

In short, despite her age, Mary was an active and valued member of her community and family. It's a shame and a loss that she was another victim of open borders.

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