In Trump's Perry, GA Rally, Trump Made No Mention Of Immigration That Didn't Include The Word "Illegal"
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Earlier: At His Cullman Rally, Trump Was Still Talking About ILLEGAL Immigration Only

You can watch Trump's latest rally speech in Perry, GA on Rumble, because if the organizers tried to put it on YouTube it would be taken down.

What you need to know is that while Trump won in 2016 on a platform including reduction of legal immigration (see Trump Posts Immigration Plan, Neocons Go A Little Crazy,  August 16, 2015), all the mentions of immigration in his speech—I made an automated transcript and control+fed—were of illegal immigration:

  • "But somebody is really screwing up our country. They're destroying our country and Del Rio, Texas, you've been watching tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have overrun our borders in recent days while laughing in the faces of our border patrol agents. And they're going after the riders of the horses, not the people that came in illegally. Is that incredible? And they've just put them under watch. They're in big trouble the riders of those horses. Most people would say they were doing one hell of a job, right? They're in trouble."
  • "We struck historic agreements with Mexico and Central American nations to stop illegal immigration and we deported dangerous criminal aliens by the tens of thousands, including MS13 killers. We got them out by the thousands. We built almost 500 miles of powerful border wall and it was tough."
  • "We will shut down Joe Biden’s border disaster we will end catch and release. And we will end illegal immigration once and for all in our country just as I had already done very successfully more so than has ever taken place at our border. We had done it before."

The thing is, while Trump can't win a third term, the GOP could win any time they were willing to take on immigration, as Trump proved in 2016. Apparently they don't want to:

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