In Spite Of Her Treachery, The NYT Still Hates Liz Cheney For Being A Republican White Woman
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Earlier by John Derbyshire: Winter For RINOs: Liz Cheney

Washington Watcher II’s column tonight says “For weeks, GOP leaders have publicly said that Cheney must stop antagonizing POTUS 45 and calling his voters terrorists. Of course, she mulishly refused, which earned the usual hosannas from leftist Mainstream Media outlets, all of which think her job is to lecture Republicans about the “insurrectionists” who have supposedly seized the party, then move it away from Trump.”

This is true. Here are five examples, from the New York Times’s news section.

But there are several examples of opinion columnists pointing that no matter how much Liz Cheney betrays her President, her Party, or her country, she’s still a white Republican woman.

The evils of Liz Cheney seem to be supporting Trump as a candidate, being on the American side in the War on Terror,  failure to denounce "birthers," criticism of Eric Holder—you know, racism.

As the careers of Mitt Romney, John McCain, and George W. Bush show, no matter how much you surrender to the Left, they will still hate you.

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