In Plano, TX, A Muslim And A Hindu Were Arrested For The Shooting Death Of A White Teen
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CBS Dallas Fort-Worth says that

Two teenagers have been arrested for the murder of an 18-year-old near a park in Plano Saturday, police said.

Rudhra Ronakkumar Patel and Abdulrahman Qays Al Dulaimi, both 18 years old, were charged in the shooting death of Jacob Lyle Rusk.

Police said the shooting happened Saturday near Jack Carter Park. Officers learned the victim was already in the hospital with a gunshot wound before they arrived.

Rusk died at the hospital, leading to a homicide investigation.

100 percent of people named Rudhra Ronakkumar Patel are Hindu (the name Patel signifies a particular caste) and 100 percent of people named Abdulrahman Qays Al Dulaimi are Muslim. (Abdulrahman means  "servant of the most gracious" in Arabic.)

In India a Hindu thug and a Muslim thug would be engaging in intercommunal violence against each other. In America, they can agree on hating white people.

Jacob Rusk was apparently one of those white guys. He's pictured below  in 2019, raising 500 dollars for the Plano, TX football program.

CBS says

Police said Sunday they believe the shooting was a targeted incident as the two suspects and victim were known to each other. Police do not believe there is any danger to the general public.

The two suspects remain at the Collin County Detention Center.

CBS's headline:  2 Teens Arrested For Murder Near Plano Park, October 4, 2020.


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