In Memoriam: Barry Farber
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I'm truly sorry to hear of the passing of Barry Farber [Remembering Barry Farber| A giant of conservative talk radio passes from the stage, by John Perazzo,, May 12, 2020]. John Perazzo says Farber was "raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he witnessed enough anti-black discrimination to make him a passionate advocate of civil rights" but what I noticed about Farber's Southern heritage, besides his totally unreconstructed accent, was his unfailing graciousness and his deep patriotism, which translated into an instinctive understanding of the immigration issue that many conservatives of his generation did not share, least of all the Jews. He invited me on his radio show many times (you can hear him being very kind about here, in 2016), long after all other electronic media had been frightened off me by SPLC smearsHere's a typically incisive letter he wrote us in response to one of Joe Guzzardi's columns on the difficulty of assimilating Hispanics. 


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