Allan Wall Interviewed By Silvio Canto, Jr. Topics: Coronavirus In Mexico And The Fast And Furious Scandal
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I was recently interviewed by Silvio Canto, Jr. on his CantoTalk show. The two main topics were the coronavirus in Mexico and the Fast and Furious scandal.

Remember Fast and Furious? That's a blast from the past! Fast and Furious was an ATF gunwalking scandal back during the Obama-Biden era.

So why are we talking about it in 2020? Because the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), has recently dredged it up, so it's back in the news.

I think President Trump should cooperate with AMLO on this issue. Why not? And, Trump could casually mention that Fast and Furious took place during the Obama-BIDEN presidency.

To listen to our interview, click here.


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