How Much Actual Evidence Is There That 1/3rd of Stockholm Has Been Infected?
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I keep reading authoritative sounding references to how 1/3rd of the residents of Stockholm is or was or would be infected already. For example, in the Washington Post today:

Tegnell pointed to “the slow decline of cases in Stockholm,” the country’s capital, which he now attributes “to a level of immunity in the population.” Possibly a third of Stockholm’s residents may have already contracted the virus, according to Sweden’s public health agency — marking a process toward “herd immunity” that may make the country more resilient should a second wave strike.

But when I follow the link it just goes to an April 21st Reuters article that asserts:

Modelling using data from random testing and cases reported to hospitals showed that around one-third of Stockholm’s population will have contracted the coronavirus by May 1.

I haven’t looked hugely hard, but I’ve never been able to find anything more detailed than that.

If the Swedes have figured out how to have a higher proportion of their metropolis infected than in New York City and without New York City level deaths, they really ought to share their secret.

Or maybe three weeks ago they were engaging in wishful thinking about how far along they were? I don’t know, but it seems important to find out.

Does anybody have any real data on Stockholm?

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