In 2020 Pittsburgh (A 65% White City), 96% Of Known Homicide Offenders Were Black
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Pittsburgh is 64.8 percent white and 26 percent black… in 2015, 93 percent of known homicide suspects were nonwhite (low clearance rate in the city for homicides, entirely due to the black population protecting black criminals).

Here’s the simple truth: 85 percent of the city’s 311 homicides between 2010 – 2015 had a black victim and 97 percent of the unsolved homicides (143) had a black victim. Judging by the racial data of known homicide offenders, it’s quite clear close to 90 percent of homicides in the city of Pittsburgh are committed by blacks.

The city of Pittsburgh just released the racial data on homicides for 2020, with the 2018 Statistical Report from the Pittsburgh Police Department.

Here’s what the 2018 Pittsburgh Police reported:

  • There were 58 homicides in the city, with 50 black victims and eight white victims
  • Of known offenders, there were 24 blacks arrested for homicide and seven whites were arrested

Of known homicide offenders in Pittsburgh in 2018, 77 percent were black.

Recall, Pittsburgh is 65 percent white…

So now we get to look at data for 2020, when Pittsburgh saw 51 homicides. (it should be noted Pittsburgh is experiencing a massive surge in nonfatal shootings in 2021—with few arrests—and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette admitting, “89 % of the victims in the last five years are Black, with most of the attacks in the city’s poorest neighborhoods.”

Here’s what the 2020 Pittsburgh Police reported on homicide:

  • There were 51 homicides in the city, with 45 black victims (88%) and five white victims (9%)
  • Of known offenders, there were 25 blacks arrested for homicide (96%) and one white male was arrested for homicide

Recall, Pittsburgh is 65 percent white. But in 2020, 96% of those arrested for homicide were black (88 percent of those murdered were also black).

Black Lives Matter, right?

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