Illegals Get Drivers Licenses In New York, Americans "Hardest Hit"—By Hit And Run Drivers
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The New York State Legislature is giving drivers licenses to illegals, and the illegals are rejoicing, as seen in the the lefty Daily News: Finally allowed to drive: Two undocumented immigrants on what the new Green Light Law means to them, by Silvia Garcia and Jorge Garcia, New York Daily News , December 15, 2019

On Twitter, Conservative Review's Daniel Horowitz says that

It's truly hard to overstate the enormity of the public safety problem with NY's new abolish bail plus driver licenses for illegal aliens who are prone to drunk driving. Here is how the two dovetailed in a recent case

He links to this story from his own site:

Vietnam War vet allegedly killed by drunk-driving illegal alien hours before Veterans Day

Add 67-year-old Vietnam veteran Samuel W. Jackson to the endless list of thousands of Americans killed by illegal alien drunk drivers who will never have their memories evoked in Congress.

According to Norristown, Pennsylvania, police, Jackson was exiting his car on Sunday night when a speeding car driven by Nemias Perez-Severiano, 31, plowed into him and dragged his body for 55 feet. The driver fled the scene, but police used camera footage of the car to apprehend Severiano. The suspect later admitted to being “a little drunk” after consuming seven or eight beers at the La Poblanita Mexican Bar a few blocks away.

Local media reported Severiano as a “Norristown man,” but according to an ICE spokeswoman, “ICE lodged an immigration detainer Nov. 12 with the Norristown Police Department on Nemia Perez-Severiano, an illegally present Mexican national, following his Nov. 10 arrest by local law enforcement.”

As far as I can see, not a single news story on this high-profile tragedy has mentioned the ICE detainer, even though the fact that Severiano was driving without a license was an obvious indication that he might be in the country illegally.

Giving this guy a driver's license would not have made him a better driver:

And AOC isn't going to weep about the victim:

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