ICE Officer: "Obamacrats Threaten To Fire Us For Enforcing Immigration Laws"
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ICE Agent Crane: Obamacrats "...order officers not to enforce laws"

Another and extremely dramatic component of the Border Patrol Agent Press Conference reported by Brenda Walker is in the above clip. At 1:50 Chris Crane President of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council and a working ICE Agent directly says
…the Administration's new policies…order officers not to enforce laws, and not to take enforcement actions against specific groups, with officers under threat of losing their jobs if they do so.”
What “specific groups”?

This is wholesale law breaking and there is only one appropriate answer. salutes Chris Crane and also George McCubbin, President of the National Border Patrol Council union, both of whom are sacrificing their careers to make this outrage public.

Senator Jeff Sessions opened the press conference by saying (0:37) with perfect accuracy:
...this administration has engaged in a sustained, relentless effort to undermine America's immigration laws,"

We salute Senator Sessions (again).

Credible statements that the Obamacrats are ordering ICE agents to ignore the law, and that the “Dreamer” Administrative Amnesty, by not testing credentials, is in reality a general relaxation commanded—a near total MSM blackout.
Partial accounts (with additional atrocities) appeared in
H/T as so often One Old Vet

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