David Frum, Immigration Restrictionist
July 27, 2012, 10:48 PM
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Peter Brimelow wrote here that David Frum, for all his left-devationism from conservative orthodoxy, was now, if anything, "more outspoken" about the dangers of immigration than he had been when he still had a fellowship at AEI.

This morning on Twitter, Frum wrote:

His followers didn`t get it:

Is this tweet sarcastic? A serious question.

And two other people immediately had a solution: amnesty! Bring them out of the shadows so they can pay taxes! Aargh. (Minimum wage workers don`t pay taxes at all—they receive them.)

On VDARE.com, we talk about "socializing costs" a lot, and the emergency room health care issue that Frum is linking to, above, is something we`ve been writing about for more than ten years. As Peter said, this shift towards patriotic immigration reform

"won`t do Frum any good at all on the Left. And it cannot be explained by opportunism."

Frum Twitter Screenshot