How Do They Do It?
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Right about four centuries ago, the London Government, desperate to maintain control of the upwind (critical in the days of sail) and populous island of Ireland, kicked out much of the hostile Roman Catholic population of the northern province of Ulster and invited immigrants from (mainly) the Border Country between England and Scotland to replace them.

This community, known very accurately to American (but not British) historiography as the Scotch-Irish, is generally agreed by all who have subsequently had to deal with them to be the most violent and irascibly aggressive of any Anglophone population—including the native Irish.

A very few generations after going to Ireland, many of their descendents moved on to the southern United States. This process is beautifully documented in Albion's Seed—imperative reading in my opinion for anyone who wants to understand America. My copy, alas, is not to hand, but I recollect Professor Fischer noting that, fortuitously, the most violent settlers of the East Coast met the most violent Indians—whom they promptly destroyed.

Shortly after that they supplied much of the fighting spirit of the Confederacy—along with the tunes for many of its songs and of course the Battle Flag.

Meanwhile, their cousins left in Ireland have defeated every effort to eradicate them—in recent decades shamefully connived at by Administrations in London.

And this continues. Hat Tip The Irish Savant (the other sort of Irishman, I believe)

Diversity Delight in Norn Iron

They're getting their collective knickers in a twist in Northern Ireland over the spate of 'racist' attacks on 'gypsies'. As has been widely reported, people up there got a bit fed up with the activities of such gypsies and in the traditions of that very special place, violently ran them out. All but two of the 110 are now winging their way, at the expense of the NI taxpayers (actually the UK taxpayers, who keep NI afloat) back to their countries of origin.

"in the traditions of that very special place"!

Ah, it takes an Irish way with words.

Gypsies of course are a European curse, unleashed by political correctness.

For all of them to leave the persuasion must have been...persuasive.

The question is, what is it that these Ulstermen have, that, perhaps unique in the WASP world, equips them to survive in this wretched era?

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