How Deadly Were Rifles and Shotguns in Baltimore in 2019?
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Do you remember the distant past when it appeared that there might be grounds for compromise on gun control: Urban gun control advocates wanted to reduce the availability of handguns to urban criminals while the National Rifle Association advocated for rifles and shotguns to be available to hunters and target shooters?

But nowadays urban liberals are most worked up over white men with their rifles.

And yet, the statistical logic of the old position remains valid. For example, the police department of Baltimore has just released a preliminary analysis of 2019’s 348 known homicides in Baltimore, which since the moment of the Black Lives Matter riot over Freddie Gray on April 25, 2015 has contended five years in a row for the worst murder problem in America:

The Baltimore cops have only closed 35% of 2019’s homicide cases so far, but they do know the type of weapon used in all of them (with the exception of the currently Missing who will turn up in shallow graves and the like over coming years, which is why annual homicide counts are disconcertingly unstable for analysts: They tend to rise slightly over time).

So, in Baltimore, which has had America’s worst murder problem during the half decade of Black Lives Matter and the End Mass Incarceration campaign among American elites, the demonized long guns accounted for only 2.6% of all homicides, while handguns were responsible for 87.1%.

But because long guns are seen as white guns and handguns as black guns, most of the energy is aimed at banning long guns.

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