Hispanic Low Turnout Noted In The National Journal
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Here's the graphic from the National Journal's ethnic turnout coverage:

"The Next America"—What was wrong with the old one?

I'm surprised that they're willing to say that. Peter Brimelow has been widely criticized for saying that race, or demography, "is destiny in American politics."

However, while the National Journal makes the same assumption we do—that Latinos are mostly Democrats, and will tend to vote for their ethnic interests—it also notes, as we do, that Latinos mostly don't show up to vote. A California named Pete Aguilar had absolutely no traction against restrictionist Gary Miller

"In another cautionary note for the Obama campaign, immigration was a major dividing line in the election, but it didn’t push Hispanic voters to the polls. Aguilar campaigned on a comprehensive immigration reform that would create a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants. Miller, meanwhile, is one of the leading immigration restrictionists in Congress, and recently sponsored legislation that would end birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants born in the U.S. Despite so much at stake for Hispanic voters, they didn’t show up."

Should Democrats Worry About Hispanic Turnout? Analysis: Hispanic candidates have suffered political disappointments because of low turnout from their own voters.By Josh Kraushaar, June 27, 2012

We attribute this to lack of civic engagement among Latinos.
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