Why Does Joel Kotkin Want To Impoverish Skilled Americans?
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Joel Kotkin: No friend to young Americans

In yet another demonstration of the tremendous power of the Treason Lobby in the MSM, Open Borders fanatic Joel Kotkin has had his 10,000th pro-immigration article published, in Forbes on Tuesday, picked up by the news aggregator Real Clear Politics today.

U.S. Desperately Needs Immigrants And A Strategy To Get The Right Ones 6/26/2012 does represent a shift: Kotkin allows in passing-

As Europe learned through its bitter experience with immigration from North Africa and the Middle East, importing populations without necessary skills and attitudes useful for the modern economy can produce unhappy results

Now he tells us!

After Monday’s Supreme Court ruling effectively licensing the Feds not to enforce U.S. immigration laws and paralyzing performance of the task by the States, America is de facto without immigration controls. Any recovery in the economy will draw in floods of illegals: the Open Borders Lobby's objective has been achieved.

But skilled workers have better choices and are likely to dislike legal limbos: here Kotkin still has work to do.

Of course Kotkin gives no consideration to the fact that heavy importation of superfluous skilled workers discourages Americans from entering these fields, to the ulterior motives of prospective employers, or to the actual state of the employment markets the workers face. Just manic enthusiasm, garnished with a few anecdotal assertions.

This is particularly disgusting because Kotkin is a College Professor. Anyone with the slightest involvement with this area knows this summer has produced close to an unprecedented crop of unemployed Graduates.

Does Kotkin care nothing for the suffering of these kids? What is going on?

The clue comes in his opening paragraph:

President Obama’s recent “do it myself” immigration reform plan, predictably dissed by conservatives and nativists... (VDARE.com emphasis)

In his introduction to our review of Kotkin’s latest book, Peter Brimelow observed:

Some fifteen years earlier, I had debated Kotkin at an event arranged by the Pacific Research Institute. In person, he was affable and even obliging. I was startled to read his review of my Alien Nation:

"Nativism, even when presented by a friendly-looking guy with an adorable young son, is a recurring disease in the American experience. If we fail to vanquish this latest outbreak, it will vanquish us." (Links added)

Who is this "we" of whom he speaks?

Joel Kotkin’s immigration enthusiasm is not about economics or the economy.  It is about visceral hatred of the historic American nation.


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