Hillary Clinton's Bus Babbling
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Joe Klein wrote below that "Hillary Clinton had an extensive answer on the number of buses and law enforcement officials—tens of thousands—who would be needed to get the job done at one of her rallies today." I couldn't find that specific rally quote, but I found an example of Hillary saying the same thing a couple of weeks ago.

Here's Hillary talking about the impossibility of deporting illegals:

On the volatile issue of immigration, Clinton called for secure borders but steered clear of the moral debate over deporting 12 million undocumented immigrants by simply calling it impractical. "It would take at least $2 billion dollars over five years, it would take tens of thousands of new federal law enforcement officials, it would take a convoy of 200,000 buses 17 miles long to actually deport them," she said.[Hillary Clinton on image-softening tour BY LETTA TAYLER , Newsday.com, December 20, 2007]

For about the nineteenth time, this is nonsense. It didn't take a convoy that size to get them into the US in the first place, did it? That's because they didn't all come on the same day.

One and a half million teenagers manage to travel every March for Spring Break, with the no more encouragement than two-for-one drinks, sunshine, and a number of movies featuring girls in bikinis. If they can do that, and they frequently make it to Cancun, then why can't these hardworking illegals manage it with a little encouragement?

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