Heckuva Job, Establishment! Juneteenth Falls On Puerto Rican Day In Chicago
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Last week, Congress and the President decided to make Saturday a national holiday called Juneteenth to celebrate the amazing awesomeness of black people with only about 36 hours notice. But other ethnicities had long ago planned to have ethnic celebrations of their own on June 19, 2021. For example, in Chicago, June 19th was scheduled to be Puerto Rican Day, with a parade and celebrations.

Perhaps not coincidentally, a Puerto Rican man and his wife were driving around waving a big Puerto Rican flag on Saturday evening when three black men attacked them, killing the man and wounding the woman.

Now it could be that the attackers had specific reasons for picking out that couple to murder. But it could also be that they were just annoyed at the uppitiness of Puerto Ricans daring to celebrate Puerto Rican Day on an official holiday of blackness, Juneteenth.

In Northern cities there are a limited number of weekends per summer for outdoor festivities celebrating the various groups, so suddenly giving one of them away to the most, uh, exuberant race with 36 hours notice was a tad reckless.

It’s almost as if our leaders haven’t actually thought through how to manage the complexities of their Coalition of the Fringes. After all, Diversity Is Our Strength, so the more diversity, the better. To say otherwise, that the more we promote diversity, the trickier life gets, well, that’s not only unsayable, it’s increasingly unthinkable. So American life keeps turning out to be full of unpleasant surprises like this one.

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