Gunshot Victims Cost One Cleveland Trauma Center $672,000/Per Month—85% Of Those Treated Are Black
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The only thing missing from this story is who/whom is behind the gun violence in Cleveland, costing one hospital $672,000/per month.

Spoiler alert: blacks.

Gunshot Victims Cost One Hospital $672,000 a Month, and It’s Only Going Up—One-third of wounded patients at Cleveland trauma center patients were uninsured,, September 1, 2021

A single urban trauma center that treated nearly 1,000 gunshot victims over a more-than-2-year period spent an average of nearly $675,000 a month on their care, a new report finds.

Over a 27-month period ending in 2018, the total cost of patient treatment for gun-related injuries reached $18.1 million, reported Heather Vallier, MD, of MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, and colleagues during a poster session at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons annual meeting.

Now, thanks to a pandemic-era jump in gun violence, the per-month cost is estimated to surpass $1 million. The hospital (MetroHealth), and taxpayers, will have to eat much of the cost as many of these patients are uninsured.

“We knew it would be a lot of money, but I thought we’d be spending less,” Vallier, an orthopedic trauma surgeon, told MedPage Today. “It’s a huge economic burden to the hospital system.”

The researchers launched the study to better understand the costs of treating gunshot wounds. Other studies have examined the cost of gunshot wounds nationwide, but few if any have examined expenses at individual hospitals.

The researchers analyzed data on 941 gunshot victims who were treated at the level-one trauma center. Mean age was 30, 79% were male, and 85% were African American. Just over 80% were admitted and 8% died. Sixteen percent were frequent gunshot victims, with either previous or subsequent gunshot wounds.

The Second Amendment initially only applied to white men. If it were illegal for blacks to own firearms in 2021 America, and the police actively arrested blacks for violating this rule, how many black people would actually be getting shot in not just Cleveland, but all of America?

Spoiler alert: it’s not white people targeting blacks with firearms across America, but other blacks.

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