Guns 'N' Hoses: Women Who Prefer Cops Vs. Women Who Prefer Firemen
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Rob K. Henderson quotes Seth Stephens-Davidowitz’s new data mining book Don’t Trust Your Gut:

Male lawyers, police officers, firefighters, soldiers, and doctors get more messages than men who earn similar incomes, have similar educations, are equally attractive, and are the same height. Lawyers would be less attractive if they were accountants.

I’m guessing that the common denominator in all this is that there are lots of TV shows and movies about lawyers, police officers, firefighters, soldiers, and doctors. Maybe women figure they could ask better questions of some guy with a TV show job than of, say, an actuary.

An interesting study would compare the differences between women who prefer policemen vs. women who prefer firemen. Cops tend to have darker, more Batman-like personalities, whereas firemen identify more with Superman.

I owe the title pun to @HomoPedalius.

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