Va. Gov. Youngkin Pulls Clever Stunt: Move Tuition For Illegals To Black Americans
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Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and the state’s GOP-controlled General Assembly will take $10 million in college money away from illegal aliens and give it to blacks who attend historically black colleges and universities. The money was intended for illegals with DACA status; i.e., Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which President Obama set up for illegal-alien kids [Virginia budget to move funding from DACA students to state’s HBCUs, by Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, Washington Post, June 21, 2022]. Leftists, including the usual illegal-alien lobbyists, are fuming.

“Shame on the governor for weaponizing state financial aid as a cheap political ploy to divide communities of color,” Sookyung Oh told the Post’s Douglas-Gabriel. “If education was important to this governor, as he claimed throughout his campaign, he could have easily allocated funding to ensure every young Virginian who wants to pursue higher education in the Commonwealth has the resources to do so.”

DACA recipients are not “young Virginians”; they are illegal aliens, but anyway, Sookyung Oh is headmistress of the Hamkae Center, which “organizes Asian Americans to achieve social, economic, and racial justice in Virginia.” The group is especially fixated on illegals and DACA.

Why Douglas-Gabriel sought the opinion of an Asian outfit, given that 99 percent of the illegals are Hispanic, we are not given to know.

Madame Oh isn’t the only upset leftist:

“I understand and agree that we need to do something for HBCUs. This is not the way to do it. This is messy,” Del. Lamont Bagby (D-Henrico), head of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, told the House before a vote on the amendment Friday. “We have more than enough resources to help.”

Just two Democrats voted for the measure when it passed the Senate, one of whom is black.

Like Governor Greg Abbott’s shipping illegals to Washington, D.C., instead of deporting them, this smells like a stunt no matter how gratifying it is.

And granted, we’d rather see black Virginians get the money. But even then, it’s probably a waste. Why not return it to the taxpayers?

Next step: Stop all tuition for illegals. 

H/T: Center for Immigration Studies

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