Great Replacement Update / German Edition: Afghan Refugee Stabs Mom And Daughter 16 Times After Daughter Rejected Him
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If American women want to know what’s in store when they befriend one of Kabul Joe’s Afghan refugees, then they should read about a stupid mother and her stupid daughter in Speyer, Germany.

“Prosecutors say the 27-year-old man, Fuwad O., who had claimed refugee status, was welcomed as a friend by the mother and daughter in the German city of Speyer, but when the younger 16-year-old daughter turned down his advances, he stabbed her in a rage,” Remix’s John Cody reported.

Like most stupid white women who want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, the victims in this case let the predator loose in their home:

The two victims told police Fuwad O. was visiting them when the 16-year-old victim rejected him, prompting the Afghan to begin stabbing her three times. The mother responded by jumping to her daughter’s aid, at which point, the mother was stabbed 13 times.

The women seemed to express surprise that they ended up being stabbed, with the mother later telling the police: “We welcomed him as a friend.”

[‘We welcomed him as a friend’—Afghan migrant in court for stabbing German mother and her daughter after she rejected sexual relationship, June 22, 2023]

Meanwhile, two Muslim Turks and a Serb tried to murder a cop in Ulm.

Again, Remix’s Cody has the story:

The Ulm District Court was told how two Turkish brothers, Batuhan B. (24) and Emirkan (18), and a 25-year-old Serbian named Nikola L. indiscriminately attacked their victim, who happened to be a police officer in civilian clothing, in the early hours of Feb. 8 in the city of Ulm.

Prosecutor Janina Möller told the court how the trio approached the man as he walked home from work. They were wearing balaclavas and had the sole objective to “beat up any person” that evening. …

The police officer suffered several fractures to his head, as well as a broken nose and jaw. He was hospitalized in intensive care for eight days and had to undergo several operations as doctors tried to save his life.

“My upper jaw was detached from my skull,” the victim told the court, admitting that he had longed for his mother during the attack as he wished for it to end. “It doesn’t matter in which direction. Whether in the direction of heaven or whether the perpetrators let go of me and I survive,” he added.

[‘My upper jaw was detached from my skull’ –German police officer said he wished for death during brutal gang attack that included 13-year-old Syrian, June 20, 2023]

Germans can blame these attacks on communist former Chancellor Angela Merkel.

And Americans can take comfort knowing that Kabul Joe has imported at least 70,000 of these 7th-century savages. The rapes have begun [Federal officials say Afghan refugee accused of rape in Missoula was properly vetted, by Keith Schuberg, Daily Montanan, November 9, 2021]. 

When the terror starts we can only guess.

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