Report: Germany Averages Two Gang Rapes A Day. When Do They Start Here?
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s plan to make sure every white woman in Germany gets culturally enriched by the Muslim savages she imported is working. “Foreigners”—meaning Muslim migrants—are gang-raping two women every day. Look out, American women. Let’s Go Brandon has dumped more than 70,000 into towns and cities near you.

“677 gang rapes were recorded in 2021, a massive increase from around 300 in 2018,” Dan Lyman of InfoWars Europe reported, citing German newspapers  [Germany Averaging Nearly Two Gang Rapes Daily as More Than Half of Suspects ‘Foreign,’ June 2, 2022].

The majority of suspects identified in 462 cases were foreigners.

The “proportion of non-German suspects recorded is 47 percent, combined with a proportion of foreigners in Germany of around 13 percent,” German MP Stephan Brandner said. Yet the total proportion of “migrant” suspects likely exceeds 50 percent. That’s because Germany only records the citizenship of the suspects, not ethnicity or “other nationalities.”

Thus, some of the foreigners—Merkel imported 2 million who immediately began a rape wave—might be citizens.

Given the gang rapes in Germany, American women are forewarned: Stay away from the Afghan men whom Let’s Go Brandon imported after his disastrous pullout from Afghanistan. They view white American and European women as infidel whores who deserve to be raped. 

Indeed, as soon the Afghans began landing in the United States, the sexual jihad began:


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