Grand Jury Turns Its Attention to San Francisco Criminal Sanctuary
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Good news from the dark heart of multicultural socialism — San Francisco's official policy of harboring illegal aliens is being investigated by a federal grand jury! Who would have believed it?

It seems like forever since the scandalous revelations about the city sheltering Honduran crack dealers began appearing, followed by the murders of Tony Bologna and his two sons by a previously arrested illegal alien gangster. But it's actually been only a few months, which is not long for the legal system to begin action. We can only hope that at the end of the trail, justice will eventually reach the criminal protectors Mayor Gavin Newsom and District Attorney Kamala Harris: Federal probe into S.F. sanctuary city policy, (San Francisco Chronicle, Oct 4, 2008).

A federal grand jury is investigating whether San Francisco's policy of offering sanctuary to undocumented immigrants violates U.S. laws against harboring people who are in the country illegally, city officials say.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera said his office has hired a criminal defense lawyer to represent employees who might be questioned or asked for documents. He and Mayor Gavin Newsom said they would cooperate with the investigation.

San Francisco, like about 80 other U.S. cities and five states, has a law prohibiting the use of its funds to help enforce federal immigration law or to question individuals about their immigration status. The San Francisco ordinance, originally prompted by arrivals of refugees from Central American wars of the 1980s, specifies that police can report jailed felons to federal immigration authorities.

The Chronicle reported earlier this year that San Francisco juvenile justice authorities, interpreting the sanctuary policy, had flown some illegal immigrant youths to their home countries after Juvenile Court judges found they had committed felonies. Other youths were sent to unlocked group homes in this country and escaped.

Below, Mayor Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Police Chief Heather Fong, both strong supporters of sanctuary for illegal aliens (and gun confiscation).

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