Good news from Utah: Bennett booted
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Utah’s Republicans have had a fit of good sense and refused to re nominate 3-term Senator Robert Bennett Utah GOP convention rejects incumbent Sen. Robert Bennett By Kevin Bohn CNN May 8, 2010

Bennett, with a NumbersUSA career grade of C-, was bad news on immigration: the worst, in fact, of the entire Utah delegation.

It is a particular pleasure to see him go because of the arrogant way in which he openly scorned the views of his constituents in the 2007 Amnesty battle, as I noted in Utah’s Bennett prepares to ignore, betray constituents.

”My public position is that I’m reviewing the amendments,” Bennett said Tuesday. It’s a ploy meant to defuse emotion. But here’s what Bennett’s staffers are not saying: he plans to vote for it.

The MSM reports on Bennett’s demise are coy about what motivated his defeat. Treating the interests and preferences of his constituents with contempt, as on the immigration question, is a good starting point.

In fact, suggests attitudes on immigration comprise a great acid test of how a would-be Congressthing is likely to treat his electorate generally, especially on key Inside-the-Beltway objectives like nation-destruction.

Patriots will hope the Bennett fashion spreads south.

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