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Thanks, JW, for Unexpected arrest made in bias probe at NY church September 5th, 2009

PATCHOGUE, N.Y. - Police investigating alleged harassment of Hispanics at a Long Island church made an arrest in the case Friday night, and the suspect is also Hispanic

No really professional Journalist could have written that headline. It is a simple fact that a large proportion of ”Hate Crimes” are hoaxes — for instance here — and here.

Police say Garcia also left anti-Hispanic notes on a church altar Wednesday

However, we can be confident that there will be a big increase in complaints from the privileged groups once the new Hate Crime legislation atrocity is forced through.

Any one care to take a bet on this?

Georgia Office of Rep. Scott Defaced by Swastika By Bernie Becker The New York Times August 11 2009

The promising new blog A Race Against Time brings up a crucial point.

Hate Crime Recording: The Deck Is Stacked Against Whites Friday, September 4, 2009

This reports that:

The NYPD's Hate Crime Task Force is investigating a string of recent anti-Mexican bias attacks in the Bronx.


The suspects in all of the attacks are believed to be Dominican, making these hate crimes Hispanic-on-Hispanic. But since the FBI doesn't track Hispanic hate crime suspects, these attacks in the Bronx are all recorded as white-on-Hispanic.

Don't believe me? Here's a link to the FBI's Hate Crime Incident Report. In the 'Bias Motivation' section, 'Anti-Hispanic' is listed. Yet in the 'Suspected Offender's Race' section, Hispanic is not listed. Hispanic suspects are recorded as 'White.'

This gives me the chance to comment on the latest Southern Poverty Law Center’s ($PLC’s) latest /fundraiser Report Climate of Fear by Mark Potok.

This is a very important development in two ways.

Firstly, it represents a shift of targeting from Southern Wasps — apparently now almost (but not entirely) intimidated and brainwashed from the ferocious ways of their ancestors.

Secondly, there is the prominent featuring of the demand for political repression:

local politicians should halt their angry demagoguery on the issue of immigration. There is abundant evidence that Suffolk County officials have contributed substantially to an atmosphere conducive to racial violence.

It is absolutely clear that political repression is the plan. Things are about to get very rough.

He that have no stomach for this fight, let him depart...

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