Germany: Iranian Refugees Are Attacked by Muslims in Berlin Rescue Center
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The German project of welcoming more than a million Middle Eastern refugees and moocher illegal aliens has been a huge mess and portends a continent-wide disaster in coming years.

As it turns out, Muslims as a group aren’t nice people and they certainly don’t want to assimilate to European values of freedom and order. The latest symptom of Islam’s innate hostility is the attack on Christian Iraqis housed in a refugee center, who were apparently minding their own business when Muslims proceeded to beat them up just for being Christians and reading the Bible.

Do Germans realize what vipers they have brought into their midst? Do Muslims understand that in relocating to Europe, they have placed themselves in societies that are built on Christian history and culture? Even people who don’t go to church and study the Bible still retain the cultural effects of a millennia of society based on practicing Christianity.

This can’t work out well.

NEWSPERSON: Beaten because they read the Bible. Right here in Germany. Hoping for peace, six Christians from Iran fled to Germany. Now they are being attacked here as well for their religion. In their refugee home.

CHRISTIAN MAN: The Muslims came to our room, and they beat us because we are Christians.

CHRISTIAN IN PLAID SHIRT: I wanted to mediate, so they beat me too.

VOICEOVER: Violent conflicts, not an isolated incident in the refugee home in Tempelhof in Berlin. But the fact that it’s not always about waiting in line for food is often being swept under the carpet. More disturbing, this current case. A small group of Iranians are in fear of their lives, when according to their own estimations, about 70 Muslims attack them, all because as Christians they read the Bible and wear a cross around their neck.

CHRISTIAN IN PLAID SHIRT: I was sleeping and suddenly the Muslims were in our room, and they started to beat us.

CHRISTIAN MAN: I was afraid for my life as they pounced on me, and I thought, this is it for me. I thought, how am I going to get out of this here?

CHRISTIAN IN PLAID SHIRT:Then more and more of them came, and I ran to Security and begged them to call the police. So they said, ‘That is not our problem, go back to your building you came from.’

VOICEOVER: Only when police finally did show up with twenty men and even had to unleash their dogs, that’s when the Iranian Christians were finally able to escape religious persecution yet once more. They leave the premises without knowing where to go. Ultimately they find asylum in this Evangelical-Lutheran church.

PASTOR GOTTFRIED MARTENS: We experience this over and over, this is for us an almost normal situation by now, that Christians in the asylum homes are threatened and attacked, and therefore can’t stay in those homes anymore. We’ve had a whole bunch before already, who also are in our house here, because they cannot return into their asylum homes, due to attacks perpetrated by Muslim co-residents.

VOICEOVER: It’s not a single incident, as incredible as that sounds, violence against Christians, who are seeking shelter in Germany. But how do Arabs see this who have lived in Germany for a long time?

ARAB RESIDENT OF GERMANY: That is of course something that with us, in Arab countries, is a sensitive topic, and with so many people in one space, with the stress and all, I find that it… it happens.

VOICEOVER: The now driven-out Iranian Christians see it the same way. As much as they are grateful for the asylum in church, in the long term a bed made of chairs is not a solution.

CHRISTIAN MAN: Since this happened I feel like I have no hope left; I don’t know what I should do, and… if I’m even in the right place.

VOICEOVER: And the situation in the overcrowded asylum homes is not improving, as more refugees arrive. For months now Pastor Gottfried Martens has cared for 1,200 Christian refugees, he knows what they are going through.

PASTOR GOTTFRIED MARTENS: Unfortunately it is true that we have increasingly experienced since last year that in the refugee homes only one religion has a say, and that is Islam, and that all who do not belong to that religion are being massively bullied, harassed, threatened and attacked.

VOICEOVER: A solution for this problem could be at least a separation in the homes according to religion, as it is thought now for a group of Assyrian Christians in Stuttgart. But in the face of the number of refugees it seems to be a balancing act, which the organizers will barely be able to manage.

NEWSPERSON: And the situation became increasingly worse. After the seven Iranians shown in this movie left the refugee home in Tempelhof, two inhabitants of the home were allegedly overheard plotting a murder. They were talking about how multiple Iranians who follow the Christian faith could be killed. One suspect has in the meantime been identified, a 19-year-old Afghan. State security has picked up the investigation.

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