Gadaffi's African Invaders Getting Closer!
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African Invaders Reach Europe Today

African Invaders Reach Europe Today

Colonel Gadaffi's revenge is accelerating:

Rome - ...There have been seven landings so far. The first was at 2:00 am and they have continued at regular intervals of about one every two hours...Meanwhile, the island's port is expecting another two vessels to arrive any minute.
1,450 MIGRANTS ARRIVE IN LAMPEDUSA WITHIN A FEW HOURS AGI JUNE 11 2011 The interesting Algerian service Ennahar Online, writing several hours earlier (and supplying the above picture) was more explicit: Libya: More than 600 African migrants arriving in Lampedusa 11 June, 2011
ROME - More than 600 African migrants, including women and children, arrived Saturday aboard three boats from Libya on the Italian island of Lampedusa, told AFP spokesman for Italian Coast Guard... "Four other vessels, including two in trouble will arrive. We are preparing an operation to rescue them," said Davide Miserendino, spokesman for the coastguard. "These are all sub-Saharan Africans who arrive from Libya," he said.
A.k.a. Blacks - Libya is north of the Sahara. This Camp of the Saints situation is continuing of course because of the weakness of the Italian authorities in accepting them onto the mainland. Italy’s leaders apparently lack Israeli fortitude. Previously I have suggested some of these people will be headed to America. Refugee Resettlement Watch had a valuable post on this yesterday:Malta illegal alien pipeline still flowing to America I see which documents how that island (which unlike Lampedusa is independent and has no readily accessible European mainland dumping ground) is using America:
...another news item from Malta yesterday!  Just a ‘small contribution by the US to alleviate the world’s suffering!
This cites More refugees resettled in the US Times of Malta Thursday, June 9,2011:
Another 35 refugees from Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia left Malta for the US this week bringing the number of resettled refugees from Malta in the US to 689 since 2006.

The latest group of refugees will be resettled in several different cities across the US.

Chargé d’Affaires Richard M. Mills hosted a reception* for the refugees at the ambassador’s residence in Attard to welcome them to their new lives in America.

He remarked: “The U.S. Refugee Resettlement programme represents a small contribution by the people of the United States to help alleviate the world’s suffering.”

Once they arrive in the US, each refugee will be assigned a sponsor agency that provides initial services such as housing, food, and clothing, as well as referral to medical care, employment services, and other support during a transition period lasting up to two years to ensure integration and assimilation.


(Refugee Resettlement Watch notes the last paragraph is not quite accurate:
...the transition period lasts only a few months and then the refugees are basically on their own with food stamps, subsidized apartments and health care (and desperately looking for work!). )
A wonderful contribution to social harmony! RRW refers to a January posting reporting that these Mediterranean transients
...really prefer the more generous welfare states of Europe to the US! Little do the migrants know that there is fierce competition going on in the US to get their bodies to America so that federal contractors will survive financially (and Democrats will get more voters!).
At the rate Gadaffi is exporting these Africans, we are all going to get the dubious privilege of hosting them — unless the Libyan adventure is shut down.
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