Fjordman Looks Ahead
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Norwegian blogger Fjordman has expanded some earlier thoughts about the danger to America (and therefore western civilization) from unrestrained Mexican immigration which constitutes a kind of warfare [Another American Century or Another American Civil War?].

Like Sam Huntington, he recognizes that a nation is woven from more than just strong foundational ideas, quoting Huntington's remark that "as the Soviet experience illustrates, ideology is a weak glue to hold together people otherwise lacking racial, ethnic, and cultural sources of community." And immigration since 1965 has diluted and challenged America's historical identity.

Fjordman is rightly disturbed by a lack of seriousness on the part of leaders...

Many ordinary Americans lament the fact that US authorities are "asleep at the wheel" on the issue of border controls. This view could find support in some idiotic comments by US political leaders quoted by Diana West of the Washington Times. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, leader of a city that was hit by the worst terror attacks in US history only a few years ago, does not want the USA to protect its borders to make sure unwanted persons do not enter the country. According to him, deporting illegal aliens would wreak havoc on golf courses across America. "You and I both play golf," Mr. Bloomberg said on the air. "Who takes care of the greens and fairways in your golf course?"

He winds up with a warning of what is at stake 151 everything.

You are the indispensable nation, and if you break down, the rest of the planet is in serious trouble. Europe will have to concentrate on just surviving, India has Islamic problems or her own, Russia is neither willing nor able to lead a fight against Islam, and China doesn't care. It may even prefer a conflict that will eliminate its Western rivals. The major obstacle to the agenda of Islamic world domination is the USA. The issue of illegal immigration is not about your golf courses, your lawns or your nannies, it's about whether your children and grandchildren will grow up facing another American Century or another American civil war. And by extension, whether large parts of the world will be following sharia law.

Read the whole thing, as they say.

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