EU's Jean-Claude Juncker Calls for "Unity, and Migrants"
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Screenshot-2015-09-09-17.15.11[1]Let’s review the NYT’s top headlines of the moment:
An Urgent Call for Europe to Embrace Unity, and Migrants


Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president, urged the European Union to put aside deep divisions over welcoming refugees and forge a stronger and more unified response.

You know, only 3 governments — Germany, Sweden, and Austria — of the 28 in the European Union are enthusiastic about Ms. Merkel’s unilateral putsch against Europe’s indigenous people. So Jean-Claude Juncker is calling for the great majority of European governments to surrender to the German state’s demographic blitzkrieg on the European people. Why does German (passive) aggression against what had been the European consensus somehow represent unity?

By the way, “Jean-Claude Juncker” is about the EUiest name imaginable.

Migrant Stream Is Bringing Out the Best, and Worst, in Europe
I’m sure this article features a thoughtful consideration of the long term issues in deciding just who the Good Guys are and who the Bad Guys will turn out to be.
Refugees Desperate to Leave Denmark March to Sweden
Oh, the humanity!
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