Erickson Doing Limbaugh Show Again: Call! Horowitz On Bretbart: Read!
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Trevor-and-the-dog 2

I see Erick Erickson is back doing the Limbaugh show. So I get to repeat my appeal Complain To Erick Erickson On Limbaugh Show About Gelding Of REDSTATE

Nothing new has appeared on RedState about how to deal with the Obamacrat No Borders policy although this treason is right now impacting schools around the country as Brenda Walker noted today in Illegal Alien Kids Stretch Budgets for School Districts. However RedState has several articles calling for a belligerent foreign policy stance.

Meanwhile the seriously underemployed Daniel Horowitz is very active on his Twitter page. This morning he commented

Forget about our southern border. What about our front door?

Which links to his Breitbart column today ISIS Raises the Stakes of a Porous Border

This twice a month slot seems now to be the only outlet for this massively productive and superb Patriotic writer.

Chalk up another for the Curse of Stein!
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