Ed Buck Says Like Jeffrey Dahmer, He Loves Black Males To Death, But The NYT Says He's "Racist"
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Ed Buck is a white, rich, gay Democrat, who apparently likes having black male prostitutes visit him at all hours and use drugs with him. Two of them died in his Los Angeles house after drug overdoses, and a third had a near death experience, leading to his arrest.

Earlier VDARE.com coverage of Ed Buck:

Blacks protested in front of his house when he wasn't charged before, and the New York Times, insisting that he's not that connected to the Democrats, says that the deaths aren't about sexual perversion and Democratic corruption, they're about white privilege:

Buck has pleaded not guilty to all charges. From his cell in a federal jail last fall, he retained as his lead defense lawyer Christopher Darden, the former deputy district attorney who made O.J. Simpson try on the glove. In a letter that Buck wrote from jail, which Darden shared with me in part, Buck said he was misunderstood: “Someone told me that if somebody proclaims he is not a racist, he probably is. But when I hear the charge directed at me, it is too ludicrous to ignore.” The presence of Darden, the races of the defendant and the victims and the claims of a political snow job all suggest that Buck’s will be the kind of high-current trial that occasionally convulses Los Angeles.

What Happened Inside Ed Buck’s Apartment?  Two men died of meth overdoses at the home of a West Hollywood political donor. Dark conspiracy theories abounded—but the truth is even darker, by Jesse Barron, New York Times, September 16, 2020

The weird thing about Buck's denial of racism is that he's a racial fetishist, like Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer, a gay serial killer and cannibal, victimized mostly young men of color.

Responding to the SPLC's repeated charges of "racism" at CIS, Mark Krikorian said on a panel in 2010 that:

"The accusation of racism is the most serious charge you can make against someone in modern America, comparable to accusations in the past of being a leper, a witch or a communist. The charge of racism is so incendiary that even mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer felt it necessary to deny that his crimes were motivated by it. This man, a cannibalistic, necrophiliac killer, went to great lengths to assure a relative of one of his victims that, in her words, quote, 'He was not a prejudiced person. It wasn't out of race that he killed these young men,' unquote." [Links added]

Of course, the point of Jeffrey Dahmer's choice of victims was that he liked young men of color, and had a racial fetish for them, and if he hadn't been a cannibalistic, necrophiliac killer, that would have been fine, because homosexuality, no matter  how perverse,  is now an uncriticizable, sacred, protected category.

In the same way, it would be fine, presumably, for Buck to invite strange young, sometimes homeless, black men to his home, have sex with them, and give them drugs, if they didn't keep dying.

But Buck not only had sex with these young men, and killed them—he also has a record of saying "racist," insensitive, or "objectifying" things. More from the New York Time's Barron, with emphasis added:

A meth addiction can’t be concealed once it advances past a certain point. As Duran said, the physical symptoms are obvious. Everyone close to Buck knew he had become an addict. But Buck’s racial fetishism, theoretically easier to keep behind the bedroom door, was an open secret too. Buck’s interest in Black men went back at least to his early 20s. “Buck always had a penchant for Black guys,” said Charlie Harrison, a sometime restaurateur and real estate agent who was Buck’s close friend in the 1970s and ’80s in Phoenix. “He liked Black guys sexually. There was one guy he spent a lot of time with, but back then it was, as Buck said, mostly ‘meaningful relationships by the hour.’”

Harrison was talking to me because he wanted to balance the media’s portrayal of his friend. “I’m just devastated by this whole thing,” he said. He remembered Buck the AIDS activist, the amateur political player. But when the conversation turned to race, Harrison offered up a story that seemed to accomplish the opposite of what he intended.

In the 1980s, Harrison explained, Gov. Evan Mecham said in a radio interview that he always thought the word “pickaninny” was a term of endearment for Black children. This affront came on the heels of another, the rescinding of a state holiday honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In response, Buck began a successful charge to unseat Mecham via a recall election. On his way to the statehouse to deliver the petitions that would trigger the recall, Buck was asked by the chief of the Capitol Police, who was Black, to use another entrance. “Get out of my way, you [expletive] baboon,” Buck said, according to Harrison. A local reporter published the quotation, telling Buck it was racist. Buck told her, “That’s [expletive] ridiculous. I’ve been to bed with more Black men than you’ve ever shaken hands with.”

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I told Harrison it did sound racist. “No one on the planet, except Martin Luther King, put their 100 percent behind fighting bigotry more than Buck,” he said. “It’s equivalent to calling Martin Luther King prejudiced.”

Black men who crossed Buck’s path socially in West Hollywood recalled similar experiences. Ryan Gierach, the journalist who broke the story in WeHo Times, suggested that I talk to his ex-husband, M., who spoke on the condition that I not print his name. He had left Los Angeles for the Midwest, where he had a new job; his new colleagues didn’t know about the drugs in his past.

M. and Gierach lived around the corner from Buck for many years, and M. knew Buck as one of his husband’s political friends, “outspoken, charming, attractive,” and also a drug user with an objectifying streak. “The first time I ever met Buck, we walked into his apartment together, and Buck said to Ryan: ‘That’s a nice-looking Black man you’ve got on your arm.’

Buck would sometimes offend M., but then he’d smooth things over with cash. He’d give M. “walking-around money” on occasions when he visited the apartment, sometimes several thousand dollars at once. M. knew that Buck would go cruising on Santa Monica Boulevard to find Black men to take home, but this wasn’t in itself a red flag. They were all consenting adults. “When Gemmel died, I genuinely thought it was an accident,” M. said.

But when Dean died, M. felt that something was wrong. He started remembering other incidents, ones that made him feel Buck’s preference for Black men had an ugly, dehumanizing quality to it. Once, out with Buck in West Hollywood, M. pointed to a young Black man and joked, “Ed, that’s your type.”

Buck said: “Yeah, but I like ’em stupid.”

There's more, but I repeat, when Barron said in his subhead above "Dark conspiracy theories abounded—but the truth is even darker," the "even darker" was the horror that is white privilege—nothing to do with sexual perversion at all.

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