Drudge, Bloomberg, Scare With 200K Covid Milestone, But Ignore The Fact That The Curve HAS Flattened
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As of this moment, the Drudge Report is highlighting the upcoming milestone of the number of deaths attributed to Covid-19 to 200,000.

That comes with a link to Bloomberg's story today: U.S. Stands on Verge of Dark New Milestone: 200,000 Virus Deaths, by Emma Court.

Drudge is reportedly sinking into Trump Derangement Syndrome, and Bloomberg has always been anti-Trump, so these figures are designed to make the Administration look bad.

On that score, here's what Lance Welton wrote here recently:

It is a Democrat campaign talking point that the U.S. may have the most deaths of any developed country. But this is to be expected when about 40% of the U.S. population are non-whites and these are genetically much more likely to die of Covid-19 than are whites. To criticize the Trump Administration on this basis, as the Democrats are doing, is akin to bemoaning high crime rates in the U.S. without taking into account that blacks are a significant minority in the U.S. and commit crime at roughly the same high rates they do in black-majority countries.

As Peter Brimelow pointed out (see above), if you go to Infection2020.com, and look at the log chart of deaths and case fatalities, you see that the curve actually has flattened. The death total increase nowadays is typically between zero and one percent a day, because they round off.


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