Doomsday Comes For Zirkle Fruit
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VDARE.COM has written repeatedly about Chicago-based lawyer Howard Foster's remarkable discovery that the 1996 immigration legislation made it possible for private individuals to sue to enforce the law against employers hiring illegal immigrants and his use of the devastating Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations [RICO] statute to do so - something we've described as the "RICO Doomsday Machine.".

Doomsday for Yakima, WA-based Zirkle Fruit is January 9, when Foster's suit alleging that executives conspired to hire illegal labor is set for trial. If Foster prevails, the ferocious contingent fee-inspired energies of the plaintiff bar will swing into action against the employers of illegal aliens. This is the force, remember, that bankrupted Texaco and several asbestos companies. It won't be pretty, but it will be effective.

Amazingly, Leah Beth Ward's very professional December 27 Yakima Herald-Republic story "Racketeering claims Cast" appears to be the only MSM story so far. Our only quibble is that she says VDARE.COM is a project of our former sponsors, the Center for American Unity, instead of Lexington Research Insititute (soon to be renamed VDARE Foundation).

Watch this space! (And the Yakima Herald-Republic ).

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