"The Race": Unflinching Protector Of The Constitution
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Janet Murguia, president and CEO of the National Council of La Raza (The Race), says certain rascals in Congress should "keep their hands off the Constitution." I went weak in the knees and nearly choked up after reading her moving op-ed that's working its way around the country because it conjured up that scene from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, where the filibustering Jimmy Stewart holds the whole damn U.S. Senate at bay. Imagine! Ms. Murguia, whose organization aids and abets illegal immigration, now is warning hard-hearted, snarling lawmakers like Tom Tancredo that she won't tolerate him and his ilk who want to tear up the rule of law and "go after people's babies."

What's next from the "flame-throwing" Tancredo? Acting on Terry Anderson's suggestion that we kick all illegals out of the country right now, including those working as ice cream vendors and even those who are old ladies in nursing homes?

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